Orders placed online at High-Sport.com typically ship within 24 hours or on the following business day. Please contact Client Services at inquiry@high-sport.com for further help.

All High Sport products are made in Italy and ship from Los Angeles, California in the US.

All High Sport items are knit in Italy from the highest quality yarns. Our classic Kick Pants are compact knit from 68% cotton, 32% performance lycra. Each pair of pants requires seven hours to make: five hours knitting on the machine, followed by two hours finishing (linking) by hand.

We make an effort to standardize our core colors season-to-season; however, due to the yarn dying process and the designer's intentions, core colors may vary slightly between seasons. Please contact Client Services at inquiry@high-sport.com for further help.

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High-sport.com does not currently ship internationally. To receive updates, please join our mailing list. To shop High Sport today, please visit one of our international online partners, including Net-a-Porter.com.

Please review to our [size guide] to determine your best fit. Please note that all styles are fit on a size small (US 4 equivalent), 5'8" fit model. High-sport.com ecommerce model is also 5'8", size small. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down for a slimmer fit.

High Sport pants are compact knit in Italy using performance lycra. When cared for correctly, they will not stretch out. Fit may ease slightly throughout the day, similar to denim. To bring back to shape, simply allow pants to rest and return between wears.

Rather than hem your High Sport pants, we suggest to select the ideal style by length (including classic, short and long Kick Pants) and enjoy the pants as they fall naturally. If you prefer to hem to a precise length, it can be done easily by an experienced tailor. We recommend to fold back, blind stitch and press gently pintuck-to-pintuck.

High Sport’s knit-to-shape construction method results in a perfectly form-fitting garment, produced with zero waste. Due to the knitting technique, there may be slight variations in length and color. Please enjoy your singular High Sport piece.

All garments benefit from limiting care. To extend the life of these products, we recommended cleaning only as necessary. Please follow care instructions specific to each style and listed on individual product pages.